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Introducing the WebFOCUS Designer eLearning Series


We are excited to announce the launch of our new WebFOCUS Designer eLearning series—a self-paced learning path that builds proficiency from getting started to accreditation. Take a video tour.

It features:  

  • A new, modular and interactive self-study learning experience.
  • Units and lessons, quizzes, practice exercises, and technical challenges to help you build proficiency.
  • Course forums for connecting with us as you learn.
  • One-click access to a fully-configured, AWS Cloud-enabled learning lab environment.  
  • Role-based learning scenarios, mirroring your day-to-day business use cases.
  • An accreditation prep course and practice exam so you can move immediately from learning to becoming an accredited WebFOCUS Designer! 

Self-Study Courses in the Series

The following courses are included in the series:

101S8207 Getting Started with WebFOCUS Designer $600
102S8207 Using the WebFOCUS Home Page $600
103S8207 Creating Visualizations $600
104S8207 Assembling Pages & Building Portal Applications $600
106S8207 Building a Basic InfoApp $600
108S8207 Connecting to Data $600
109S8207 WebFOCUS Release Summary* $600
200S8207 Practice Exercises and Technical Challenges* $600
250S8207 Accreditation Prep and Practice Exam* $600
251S8207 Accreditation Exam*

*These are only available with the purchase of the WebFOCUS Designer eLearning series.

Purchase the WebFOCUS Designer eLearning series now. 

To request a demo, or sign up for a group focus session during our post-launch period, October through December, connect with us through the myibi online community or