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Personal Training & Mentoring Services

To support your success with WebFOCUS, iWay, or Omni, our expert Education Specialists are now available to provide online or onsite Personal Training and Mentoring services:

  • Reinforce or refresh what you have learned
  • Applying classroom topics and techniques in your WebFOCUS environment
  • Just-in-time training at any stage of your WebFOCUS journey
  • Project-based training support to build proficiency in tight timeframes
  • Training and mentoring as you apply your core skills to your day-to-day work
  • A structured personal training or mentoring day can also be arranged:
    • Scheduled in full-day increments for up to four participants
    • Can be scheduled to cover a predefined set of specific topics. To maximize effectiveness of this mentoring, a data subject matter expert from your company should be in attendance
    • Can be scheduled to immediately follow an instructor-led online or onsite training class; in this case, topics generally will be limited to those taught in the preceding class

To find out more about Personal Training & Mentoring Services, send email to Learn_Now@ibi.com.