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Frequently Asked Questions

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An Enterprise Education Subscription (EES) is a pre-funded cache of education dollars that enables your organization to register any employee in the company for any customer education learning unit – self- study courses, Instructor-Led classroom courses, Personal Training & Mentoring days, and role-based learning bundles that combine self-study courses with Instructor-Led courses. The EES allows you to choose from a combination of catalog units and delivery methodologies for training that is best suited to your business requirements or needs. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of purchasing an EES or purchase one now, contact Learn_Now@ibi.com. We are standing by to support your learning success.
We have structured specific EES plans to support your event-based learning. These EES amounts can be fulfilled by purchasing one or more of our role-based learning bundles. Contact us at Learn_Now@ibi.com to learn more or to purchase a structured EES now. We are standing by to support your learning success.
A customer education, role-based training bundle is a unique combination of training units designed to quickly enable proficiency across the most common customer roles for all ibi products. Each bundle includes a learning path, which guides your learning experience. Most include accreditation. These bundles represent the best route to quickly building the core and applied skills associated with your role. Each is also discounted to offer the best value for your training investment. You can view all role-based here.
WebFOCUS iWay/Omni
WebFOCUS Designer iWay DataMigrator Developer
WebFOCUS Developer Omni-Gen Developer
WebFOCUS Business Analyst
WebFOCUS Administrator
A training bundle can be shared. A subscription cannot be shared, but can be assigned to another employee in one of these instances, as outlined in the subscription contract. First, if the subscription has not been used by the named user or if the named user has left the organization, then it may be reassigned. Second, access may be reassigned, but only for the inactivated portion (i.e., courses not yet begun).
Yes, an Enterprise Education Subscriptions (EES) can be used for any employee in the organization, enabling an organization to purchase a specific amount of education dollars to share across multiple employees.
Yes, customers can still register and take individual Self-Study and Instructor-led Online courses. See the Course Catalog.
Yes, both public classroom and private ILO courses are still offered.
If you are interested in an instructor-led course that is not currently scheduled, please contact Learn_Now@ibi.com.
You can view current pricing the Customer Education website, including discounted, role-based learning bundles. If you are seeking group training, contact us at Learn_Now@ibi.com with details and we will provide corresponding pricing.
We provide a student guide for each of our courses (PDF) and an online lab environment, which is active for the duration of the training session.
Yes, access to a specific lab environment is provided with each self-study course. The timeframes differ based on the course, so be sure to read the registration materials carefully for the specific timeframes offered with each course.
When you are ready to begin a course, contact Learn_Now@ibi.com with these details: course number, your name, email address, and payment method (EES, PayPal, or credit card are accepted). Our operations team will process your registration and send you the instructions to access the training platform and an activation code to activate your training. You can also register directly using this form.
We currently are transitioning our legacy learning platform to a new learning platform. Our WebFOCUS Designer eLearning series is delivered through the new platform. When you take these courses, you will have 24X7 access to the learning lab environment for 5 business days from the first time you access the lab. All other self-study courses are delivered on our legacy learning platform, which is still active during the transition. For these courses, you will have 90 days from receipt of the activation voucher/code to start the course. Once you begin the course, you will have 14 days and/or 10 hours from that point, whichever comes first, to complete the course. In both cases, additional time can be purchased for a fee. We recommend that you plan your learning time carefully for maximum benefits. If you require more lab time, contact us at Learn_Now@ibi.com – before your session times out – so we can save your work and extend the session as needed.
If the user does not complete the class in the allocated time they can request an extension, at an additional fee.
Yes, for each self-study course that you complete, and for which you submit a successful corresponding technical challenge, you will receive a certificate of completion (1-3 days). At the end of a self-study course, you must submit a completed technical challenge. The submission of the challenge indicates to us that you have mastered the proficiencies represented by the course. Our team then reviews the challenge and notifies you via email that your submission is successful. If this is not the case, your notification will outline errors that need to be corrected; you can correct and resubmit the challenge. 1-3 days after receipt of a successful challenge, you will receive the certificate of completion for the course.
For WebFOCUS Designer, a Role-based Accreditation Exam is included with the purchase of the WebFOCUS Designer eLearning Series. For WebFOCUS Developer and Business Analyst, you can earn Core Skills and/or Role-based Accreditation. For Omni-Gen Master Data Edition, an Accreditation Exam is available for purchase. You can learn more about accreditation here.
All WebFOCUS Accreditation Exams are complementary. The Omni-Gen Master Data Edition Accreditation Exam is $300.
While we recommend customers complete all training before taking a Core Skills Accreditation Exam, this route is not required. If a customer believes they possess the equivalent experience to register for either the role-based WebFOCUS Developer or Business Analyst Core Skills Accreditation Exams directly, we can support that.
No, choose the Accreditation option that works best for you. Note that most learning paths end with a Role-based Accreditation Exam.
Core Skills Accreditation requires a grade of 85% or higher. Role-based Accreditation requires a grade of 75% or more.