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Subscription #:   WDES  |  Price:  $4500   

    These WebFOCUS 8206 or 8207 self-study courses are designed to build and sharpen the skills you need to develop successful enterprise applications. See the Course Catalog for course descriptions.  

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    Course Title

    WDES WebFOCUS Developer Education Subscription (25% Savings!) $4,500
    397S Managing Portals, Pages, and Content With WebFOCUS Designer  $600
    347S Creating Charts in WebFOCUS Designer $600
    501S Reporting Essentials Using App Studio – Part 1 $600
    502S Reporting Essentials Using App Studio – Part 2 $600
    349S Transform your Reporting into Infographic Storytelling $600
    510S Metadata Essentials Using App Studio – Part 1 $600
    511S Metadata Essentials Using App Studio – Part 2 $600
    305S Scheduling and Distributing WebFOCUS Content $600
    390S Self-Service Analytics With InfoAssist – Basic  $600
    521S Building InfoApps Using App Studio’s HTML Canvas $600
    Note: Courses can be purchased individually or by an annual education subscription.