WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation

If you want to validate, build, and apply your expertise within your organization, or promote your skills in a “for-hire” context, Information Builders new WebFOCUS Designer Accreditation will help you reach your goals.

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An accreditation exam assesses your knowledge and hands-on proficiency with WebFOCUS Designer:

  • A two-part exam:
    • Part One consists of 50 core skills questions, including diagnostic queries, to test your knowledge.
    • Part Two consists of two or more technical challenges to test your hands-on proficiency.
    • A score of 75% or higher, for each of the two parts, is required for accreditation.
  • Applied skills testing (Part Two) takes place in a fully-configured, WebFOCUS environment.
  • Candidates receive randomly selected core skills questions and technical challenges.
  • Results will be sent to each candidate within seven days. One core skills (Part One) retake is included.
  • New release features will be reflected in the Accreditation Exam in line with the WebFOCUS Roadmap.
  • Free online prep resources

Registration for the WebFOCUS Designer Associate Accreditation Exam:

  • Cost = $400
  • Includes 1 core skills retake (Part One)

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