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Extended Lab Session is a post Lab environment for 10 hours over 28 days that allows the student access to the course lab and all the work they did in the course. Must be purchased when the course is purchased for an additional $250 (WebFOCUS) & $350 (iWay/Omni-Gen) per student session prior to class.

Course Description

WebFOCUS Business User Edition Essentials

Course 405  |  CEUs:  0.6  |  2 days
US $1200  Canada $1200

This class is not currently scheduled. If you are interested in this subject drop us a line!

    Release 8.2

    The class will guide WebFOCUS users through the full process of creating visual and analytical content, from setting up a new environment, creating users, groups, preparing metadata, and creating reports, charts, visualizations to developing personal portal pages.

    You will learn how to:

    • Create new domains for content
    • Add and assign new users to roles
    • Connect to data sources
    • Create new synonyms and modify with the synonym editor
    • Upload a data set and create new auto-generated content
    • Create visual and tabular charts and reports for data analysis
    • Create a customized personal portal page for organizing content

    Who should take this class:

    New WebFOCUS developers, advanced WebFOCUS users, and application administrators who manage user access.


    Also available as eGuide

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