Education Terms and Conditions

(Last Updated: 8/18/2015)

Information Builders Education Services provides world-class training opportunities designed to fit your unique schedule, budget, and technical requirements. Before you register, be sure to understand the terms and conditions of taking a course, including the accepted forms of payment and the cancellation policy. Attendance at a class or your use of any education service or material constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions.

The following Customer Education terms and conditions represent a complete statement of the agreement between the parties and supersede all prior discussions, correspondence and representations. Customer Education brochures and advertisements are for information purposes only and are not intended to form any agreement between Information Builders and the recipient. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, and changes will apply to any enrollment/course order received after the date of the change. These terms and conditions may not be varied except in a written agreement signed by an officer of Information Builders, Inc. Information Builders acceptance of a purchase order containing different terms and conditions does not modify or supersede these terms and conditions. This agreement will be governed by New York law, without regard to any conflicts of law.

  • Course fees are based on training venue, not student residence or billing address.
  • Prepayment for all Customer Education services is required, unless permission for post-event payment is requested and granted by an authorized Information Builders representative.
  • All pricing is subject to change without notice.
  • All training services may be subject to local tax.
  • Customer Onsite Training:
    • Instructor's expenses (travel, accommodations and meals), course material and equipment shipping are not included in on-site training fees and will be billed separately.
    • Client will provide an adequate classroom equipped with a digital projector (or equivalent projection device) and screen, a whiteboard or flipchart; a PC for the instructor equipped with the appropriate software including PowerPoint; and a PC for each student with appropriate software installed.
  • Please refer to details of additional terms and conditions:
    • Pricing and Forms of Payment
    • Cancellation Policy
    • Copyright and Confidentiality
    • Prepaid Education Packages 
Prepayment is required for all Customer Education services, unless permission for post-event payment is requested and granted by an authorized Information Builders representative. Post-event payment will be honored for those Information Builders customers with existing, approved payment terms and conditions.

Credit Card
Information Builders accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Credit card charges in the amount of $10,000 US and above require an addition 3% administrative charge.

Purchase Orders
To confirm enrollment, please communicate your purchase order information to Information Builders either by email or by fax to (212) 947-5176. The terms and conditions as set by Information Builders supersede the terms and conditions that may be included on purchase order submitted.

Education Package (EDPACK) Funds
All Information Builders Customer Education offerings may be paid with Education Package (EDPACK) funds. Authorization to debit the EDPACK by an authorized individual from the requesting company must be provided. Education Packages must be paid in full prior to use, unless permission is requested and granted by an authorized Information Builders representative.

Payment Terms
Customer Education tuition fees are due and payable within thirty days after the start date of the course. Information Builders may provide an invoice up to two weeks after completion of the course. Receipt of invoice does not constitute a delay in payment by you to Information Builders.

Prices for public classes will be those in effect on the date the class begins. Prices include the use of required education materials, equipment and facilities if attending an Information Builders classroom. Pricing does not include taxes or student travel and living expenses. Information Builders reserves the right to increase prices at any time without prior notification.
Prices for private or on-site classes will be determined based on your training requirements. Additional charges may apply, such as instructor travel, living expenses and rental facilities. You agree to pay amounts due, including applicable taxes and any late payment fees, as specified in the invoice.
Public Instructor Led Classroom or Online Training Attendance: 

Information Builders does not impose any penalty for cancellations or transfers of enrollments to another course if the change happens at least ten business days ahead of the class date. Failure to notify Information Builders of an enrollment cancellation or transfer in writing or by phone within ten business days before the start of the class will result in forfeiture of the full class fee. 

Private Instructor Led Classes Onsite at a Customer Location or Online: 

Information Builders does not impose any penalty for cancellations or rescheduling of private classes if the change happens at least ten business days ahead of the original class date. Any private class cancelled or rescheduled by the customer less than ten business days before the scheduled start date of the class is subject to a $3,000 cancellation/rescheduling fee. If the event is rescheduled at the time of cancellation to be delivered with 90 days of the cancellation date, Information Builders will waive 50% of the cancellation fee. Any travel penalty fees incurred due to the cancellation are additional and those fees will be invoiced separately. In the case of cancelled private Instructor Led Online (ILO) classes, an additional materials fee of $1000 will be charged to the customer in the event the training materials are not been returned to Information Builders. 

Course Postponements or Cancellations: 

Information Builders reserves the right to postpone or cancel training events at the discretion of Customer Education management. If training is postponed or cancelled by Information Builders, then Information Builders will either: (1) reschedule the training based on the next available date (or if private event training, as may be mutually agreed upon by the parties), (2) credit 100% of any prepaid course tuition fees paid against a future course, or, (3) fully refund the money at your request. Information Builders will not be liable for any other costs incurred including travel charges or any consequential damages even if we were advised of them. Changes in course location, course date, or postponement of course will not extend a prepaid Education Package (EDPACK) expiration date. Information Builders shall not be held responsible for any cancellation, postponement, or unexpected delay due to factors or circumstances beyond its control. 

Web-based Self-paced Classes and Subscriptions, and Web-based Certification Testing:

You may not cancel once you submit an order for a web-based self-paced class or subscription, and web-based certification test(s). Once you submit the order, you are responsible to pay the entire course/test price. Subscriptions are not transferrable.

Copyright/Intellectual Property 

Information Builders reserves all right, title, and interest – including all copyright, patent, trade secret, trademark, and other intellectual property rights – in any and all aspects of its educational assets, including course software, training materials (electronic and printed), and online training media (commonly known as eLearning). These materials are supplied for private educational use only. Any other use without the express written consent of Information Builders is prohibited. No part of these materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise –without prior written permission of Information Builders.

Trademarks and Patents 

All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged. Technologies described herein may be covered by existing U.S. patents or U.S. patent applications that are in progress. Please consult the software product user documentation for details regarding applicable patents. 

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Adobe, the Adobe logo, Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Flash, Adobe Flash Builder, Flex, and PostScript are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Due to the nature of this material, this document refers to numerous hardware and software products by their trademarks. In most, if not all cases, these designations are claimed as trademarks or registered trademarks by their respective companies. It is not this publisher's intent touse any of these names generically. The reader is therefore cautioned to investigate all claimed trademark rights before using any of these names other than to refer to the product described.


Information contained in this material is confidential and proprietary to Information Builders and its affiliates and may not be modified, copied, published, disclosed, distributed, displayed or exhibited, in either electronic or printed formats without written authorization of an officer of Information Builders. 

Content Warranty 

The information in this document is subject to change without notice. THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND INFORMATION BUILDERS MAKES NO WARRANTY, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR NONINFRINGEMENT. Information Builders shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance or use of this material. 


This material and related technical data are subject to U.S. export control laws, including without limitation the U.S. Export Administration Act and its associated regulations, and may be subject to export or import regulations of other countries. You agree not to export or re-export this material in any form in violation of the applicable export or import laws of any jurisdiction. 

Payment and Usage
Prepaid Education Packages (EDPACKS) are paid in advance of services delivered and must be used within 12 months from the date of the agreement or the remaining unused balance will be forfeited. Prepaid Education Packages can only be applied towards Information Builders product training. The current Customer Education prices at the time of use apply.

Prepaid Education Package funds can be used towards:
  • Public classes at Information Builders facilities or online
  • Private onsite classes
  • Customer site mentoring and personal training
  • eLearning subscriptions
  • Web-based Self Paced Training
  • Information Builders annual Summit conference (discounts do not apply)
Prepaid Education Package funds cannot be used towards:
  • Travel and shipping expenses
  • Software product purchases
  • User documentation purchases
  • Professional Services engagements
Prepaid Education Packages cannot be combined with other promotional offers, discounts or partner discounts and are non-transferable and non-assignable. Any amendments to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

Information Builders is to be reimbursed for all out of pocket expenses including: reasonable travel expenses, shipping course materials and taxes. Expenses for instructor travel; shipping costs and taxes will be invoiced separately per engagement.