We can provide on-site mentoring services to assist students, reinforce concepts, and provide focused guidance as they begin to use WebFOCUS. Scheduled in full-day increments for up to four participants, a structured mentoring day can be arranged in one of the following ways:

  • Applying classroom topics and techniques in your WebFOCUS environment - Typically following an on-site training class, our instructor will remain on-site as the mentor/subject knowledge expert to assist and coach students. Topics generally will be limited to those taught in the preceding class
  • Outline of topics - Schedule an instructor to come on-site to mentor students on a predefined set of specific WebFOCUS topics. To maximize the effectiveness of this mentoring, a data subject matter expert from your company should be in attendance
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For private instructor-led training events, we can tailor the content of our standard Information Builders courses to better align with your WebFOCUS or iWay users learning needs. We define "tailoring' as reducing or adjusting the topics covered in a specific course, while still using the standard training scenarios and examples. Your Education Account Executive can work with you to determine if tailoring is an appropriate option based on your user audience.

Information Builders' training customization offers a cost-effective solution that facilitates the transition from the classroom to the workplace. Our training experts adapt Information Builders' course material to your unique goals, data, and work environment. Customized hands-on exercises teach participants how to access and work with their own data, resulting in empowered and productive users and a greater return on your training dollar.

Our training customization delivers a valuable alternative to your own in-house training development at a fraction of the time and cost. Our curriculum developers have the expertise and experience to meet your tight training deadlines and budgets, relieve your overburdened staff, and satisfy your employees' needs for customized training.

To find out more about Tailoring and Training Customization, contact your Education Account Executive, or call (800) 969-4636.