Since everyone learns differently, we hope you consider our eGuide offering. eGuides are electronic, HTML, versions of our student guide, instructor-led, material. You are able to read through the material at your own pace and we encourage you to try the techniques presented against your own data at your site. eGuides do not include the class files that are used for the class examples and exercises.

If you want to investigate further, you can try the two eGuide samples to determine if this medium is an effective training tool for you. Each sample eGuide provides access to the first two (2) lessons of the corresponding student guide; the remaining lessons are listed in the table of contents for your information only.

Access to a sample eGuide does not expire until you have reached the total cumulative time limit as shown under the Total Time column. Once you have opened one of the samples, you can start, stop, and resume at any time until you reach the time limit. To access a sample eGuide, please click on My Learning \ eGuide from the menu. You will need to register to access those two sample eGuides.

We hope you find the eGuide training experience valuable, and we would appreciate your feedback once you have reviewed the sample eGuides.

Please note that our new eGuides are in HTML5 format. You will require to have one of the latest browsers (IE 9+, Chrome 25+, Firefox 20+ …) that support HTML 5 to open these new eGuides. eGuides that are in HTML5 format have “HTML5” in their title below.

Note: If you are IB employee, you already have access to all these products from My Learning.

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