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Extended Lab Session is a post Lab environment for 10 hours over 28 days that allows the student access to the course lab and all the work they did in the course. Must be purchased when the course is purchased for an additional $250 (WebFOCUS) & $350 (iWay/Omni-Gen) per student session prior to class.

Course Description

Server Administration

Course 96182  |  CEUs:  1.2  |  2 days
US $1500  Canada $1500

Class Schedule
December 11th, 2017OnlineEnroll
January 8th, 2018Washington DCEnroll
January 29th, 2018OnlineEnroll
March 5th, 2018OnlineEnroll
May 7th, 2018OnlineEnroll
June 11th, 2018CincinnatiEnroll
June 25th, 2018OnlineEnroll

    Release 8.2.01

    This Server Administration course will show you how to take to administer a server on a daily basis. You’ll learn how to configure an adapter server, techniques for balancing performance and resource utilization using the Server Console, debugging tips and tools that make diagnosing problems a snap, and how to control your server environment on a daily basis to take advantage of the power of the adapter server. You will learn about different security models to protect and manage privileges based on the user role car the Server Console can be accessed even by the basic user.

    You will learn how to:
    • Visually and conceptually understand the iWay server architecture
    • Configure an adapter server
    • Manage adapter server operations on a daily basis
    • Configure a data source and set up metadata for an adapter server
    • Create user and service profiles
    • Troubleshoot and solve problems
    • Tune your adapter server for efficient performance
    • Securing reporting server web console and managing privileges
    • Add and configure a remote server

    Who should take this class:

    This course is for server and application administrators who are working with a WebFOCUS Reporting Server, or an iWay DataMigrator Server.


    Also available as eGuide

     Server Administration v8.2.01(HTML5)

    (WebFOCUS 8.x)


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