Self-Study Training

Information Builders' Self Study program offers unique solutions that complement our instructor-led training (ILT). You can select from several delivery methods:

Self-Study Courses

For the self-study option, you are provided with a virtual environment, including in-session training manuals, for performing the tasks required for the course. The virtual environment is available for a set amount of hours, over a set amount of days, which differs per course, requiring you to complete the course before the environment expires. At the end of the training materials, you complete a comprehensive exercise of the course topics and submit it to Information Builders for verification and certification.
We are offering the following Self-Study Courses:

Transform your Reporting into InfoGraphic Storytelling (Self-Study)
Embedding WebFOCUS BI in Custom Applications (Self-study)
Building App Studio Applications with Mapping Insights (Self-Study)
Leveraging Content in WebFOCUS Designer
Scheduling and Distributing WebFOCUS Content
Metadata Essentials using App Studio – Part 2
Extending WebFOCUS Report Development with Custom Visualizations
Dynamic Navigation and Visualization Techniques with InfoAssist
Reporting Essentials using App Studio - Part 1
Metadata Essentials using App Studio - Part 1
Creating Collaborative Portals with WebFOCUS
iWay 8 Application Essentials (ISM) – Part 1
iWay Data Quality Essentials
iWay DataMigrator Essentials

Self-Study Training Resources Self-Study Course List

Self-Paced Training

We offer several self-paced training options, including:

  • eGuide Subscription - Need to acquire skills rapidly? Manage your own education by browsing the online version (eGuide) of the student guide used in the instructor-led training. Available via subscription for select courses and for a 90 hour duration.
  • InfoAssist Basic - This new self-paced training course is designed for WebFOCUS 7.x Report Assist or Graph Assist users migrating to WebFOCUS 8.x, and is available as an iPad course or an eGuide. You can download the free IB University app from the Apple store and access the free InfoAssist Basic course right in the app. The eGuide is available from the eLearning store and is also free!
Please visit our eLearning store to access these self-paced trainings.

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