Scheduling and Distributing WebFOCUS Content (Self-Study)

Course 305S  |  CEUs:  N/A  
US $515  Canada $515

This is a self-study course. Click here if you would like to contact us.

    Release 8.2.03

    This self-study course will show you how to schedule WebFOCUS reports, files, or the contents of a URL, and send the output in a variety of formats via FTP, Printer, Email, Repository or to the Report Library using ReportCaster, the WebFOCUS report delivery engine.  You will also learn how to manage the configuration and how users can create schedules to distribute output to specified recipients automatically.

    Using a virtual environment that is available for 10 hours over 14 days, and in-session course materials, you will work through hands-on exercises and complete a challenge exercise to test your understanding. A PDF copy of the course manual is included for your reference.

    You will learn how to:

    • Create schedules for reports/graphs
    • Create alert procedures
    • Create multi-task and multi-distribution schedules
    • Distribute reports using Email or Report Library
    • Burst reports/graphs to different recipients
    • Create and use distribution lists and files
    • Generate and use dynamic distribution files
    • Verify schedules by monitoring logs
    • View the schedule job status with the ReportCaster Explorer
    • Use the ReportCaster Console and customize the environment
    • Define blackout dates

    You can also learn how to:

    • Use tracing
    • Create Alert test procedures

    Who should take this class:

    This course is designed primarily for Users and Developers who want a good understanding of how to create schedules and distribute reports using ReportCaster. It is also suggested for administrators who will manage the ReportCaster configuration.



    This course assumes that each student will have a basic understanding of Windows, the Internet, and Web browsers.

    Suggested Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the WebFOCUS Home Page and InfoAssist would be helpful.