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Course Description

ReportCaster Scheduling and Distribution

Course 30581  |  CEUs:  0.6  |  1  Day
US $900  Canada $900

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    Release 8.x

    How can you automate the scheduling, distribution and storage of information to multiple groups of users? ReportCaster, the WebFOCUS report delivery engine, allows you to schedule WebFOCUS reports, any file (including legacy reports or third-party files), or the contents of a URL, and send the output in a variety of formats via FTP, printer, email, fax, mobile device or to the optional Report Library.

    You will learn how to:

    • Understand ReportCaster architecture
    • Use ReportCaster to send reports, files of all types and URLs to email addresses, FTP locations, printers, mobile devices, fax machines, Managed Reporting and the Report Library
    • Create distribution lists and files
    • Use the Report Library feature to accelerate information storage and retrieval
    • Create a Library Watch List
    • Share a schedule
    • Prioritize reports for execution
    • Use intelligent bursting to deliver Burst Reports, including the ability to deliver different versions of the same report to many users
    • Create an Alert that will cause a report to be distributed when a specific business condition occurs
    • Use the ReportCaster Console and the ReportCaster Explorer
    • Interpret the log file
    • Use the configuration tool to change configuration settings, change the polling interval for the Distribution Server and define access to multiple WebFOCUS Reporting Servers

    Who should take this class:

    Developers and system administrators who need to distribute reports or administer ReportCaster.


    Also available as eGuide



    Additional Knowledge:  Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows or XP.