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Course Description

Master Data Governance with Omni-Gen

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    Release 3

    The Master Data Governance with Omni-Gen Class is a complete introduction to the use of the Omni Governance Console (OGC) as a framework for data analysis of Omni-Gen master and instance records, and the management and execution of the Data Governance remediation process.

    Using hands-on sessions, the student performs the administrative, analysis and remediation tasks required of data stewards.  Data is remediated through direct correction and submission; also instance records are manually merged or split.

    In this class the student will:

    • Understand the general architecture and components of Master Data Management & Governance using Omni-Gen;
    • Review the functionality and operation of the Omni Governance in order to effect remediation of Omni-Gen master and instance data;
    • Configure OGC roles and users using the Administration console;
    • Review and define views for the instance and master data;
    • Use the 360 Viewer application to review instance and master data, and identify remediation issues and tickets;
    • Use Remediation to correct and resubmit instances for regrouping and modification.

    Who should take this class:

    This course is directed to the Data Stewards tasked with maintaining data quality on Omni-Gen delivered master data.

    IT developers support Master Data Governance process can also benefit from this.


    Prerequisites:No Requirements