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Extended Lab Session is a post Lab environment for 10 hours over 28 days that allows the student access to the course lab and all the work they did in the course. Must be purchased when the course is purchased for an additional $250 (WebFOCUS) & $350 (iWay/Omni-Gen) per student session prior to class.

Course Description

DataMigrator Essentials

Course 975  |  CEUs:  1.2  |  2 days
US $1500  Canada $1500

Class Schedule
This class is not currently scheduled. If you are interested in this subject drop us a line!

    Release 7.x

    How can you quickly and easily build data marts, data warehouses, and operational data stores? With iWay’s DataMigrator, you can extract and stage disparate data types across multiple platforms, while applying business rules to transform and cleanse data to load data warehouses.

    You will learn how to:

    • Use the DataMigrator Data Management Console to build data flows
    • Perform grouping, sorting, and aggregation on input fields
    • Assign selection criteria
    • Select target database type, assign keys, transform fields, and apply business rules to selected data
    • Design process flows with the Data Management Console
    • Group numerous data flows into a single process flow
    • Schedule entire process flow or individual data flow components
    • Specify parallel processing for data flows
    • Send e-mails based on success or failure of any component
    • Apply concepts to the creation of a star schema warehouse
    • Create metadata for both source and target files
    • Use the DataMigrator Server Web Console to configure the DataMigrator environment
    • Generate reports on DataMigrator activity and review log files

    Who should take this class:

    Knowledge of data warehouse/data mart concepts; ability to identify data sources, and rules for extraction, transformation, and loading of data.


    Also available as eGuide

     DataMigrator Essentials v7.7.05

    (iWay Product)


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