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Course Description

Intermediate Reporting

Course 126  |  CEUs:  1.2  |  2 days
US $1300  Canada $1300

This class is not currently scheduled. If you are interested in this subject drop us a line!

    Release 8.x

    Updated with all new examples! With a basic knowledge of FOCUS/WebFOCUS language syntax behind you, you can now expand your knowledge with more commands, functions, and techniques to create complex reports.  With this course, you will learn the syntax required to meet almost any report request in an efficient and productive manner.

    You will learn how to:

    • Display detailed information based on a summary value
    • Join data sources together using a temporary field
    • Merge files together without using the Join command
    • Control the order of data displayed
    • Use Date and Date-Time data types effectively
    • Work efficiently with presorted data
    • Create calculations using subtotal values
    • Create a random list
    • Rank and group data
    • Generate summary information
    • Sort aggregated data
    • Use complex screening techniques
    • Create multi-column reports
    • Create row-oriented reports instead of traditional column-oriented reports
    • Work with missing data

    Who should take this class:

    Application Developers working with FOCUS and WebFOCUS who want to increase their knowledge of the FOCUS reporting syntax.


    Also available as eGuide