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Course Description

Integration Techniques for Microsoft Office v7.x

Course 345  |  CEUs:  0.6  |  1  Day
US $900  Canada $900

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    Release 7.x

    Got Office? With this course you’ll learn how to work productively with the features available in WebFOCUS Developer Studio that interact with Microsoft Office products like Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, optional products, such as the Quick Data plug-in for Excel and the Active Reports interactive analytical tool, are highlighted.

    You will learn how to:

    • Create multiple integration points for Office products with WebFOCUS
    • Generate single and multiple worksheets from your data sources
    • Create an Excel workbook that contains multiple worksheets with table of contents
    • Combine multiple worksheets in one workbook with Excel Compound Reports
    • Employ WebFOCUS features in a worksheet, such as conditional styling and drill-downs
    • Populate an Excel template with current data
    • Facilitate analysis of complex data with PivotTables
    • Access data contained in an Excel worksheet for WebFOCUS reporting
    • Upload data from Excel for WebFOCUS reporting
    • Convert report output to PowerPoint format
    • Populate existing templates with PowerPoint slides generated by WebFOCUS
    • Use WebFOCUS Quick Data to create reports directly within Excel
    • Generate portable, interactive reports with WebFOCUS Active Reports

    Who should take this class:

    Developers working with WebFOCUS Developer Studio who want to be more productive with WebFOCUS and Microsoft Office products.


    Also available as eGuide



    Additional Knowledge:  Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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