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Course Description

InfoAssist Essentials – Part 2

Course 366  |  CEUs:  0.6  |  1  Day
US $850  Canada $850

This class is not currently scheduled. If you are interested in this subject drop us a line!

    Release 8.1.x

    Expand your knowledge beyond what you have learned in the InfoAssist Essentials – Part 1 course. Explore additional concepts and techniques for creating insightful application content through advanced filtering, constructing effective virtual columns, and producing sophisticated report layouts.

    You will learn how to:

    • Employ advanced filtering techniques
    • Control complex expressions for virtual columns
    • Format numeric-oriented reports easily with cumulative totals, section headings and totals
    • Convey trends clearly with charts
    • Enhance content by accessing multiple data sources
    • Consolidate content with multi-page documents and active dashboards
    • Produce reports in different output types including, but not limited to, PDF, Excel, Accordion, and Table of Contents


    Who should take this class:

    Business Analysts or Report Developers who will be using InfoAssist to create sophisticated content for WebFOCUS applications.


    Also available as eGuide



    Additional Knowledge:  Required: InfoAssist Essentials – Part 1