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Course Description

InfoAssist Basic

Course 321  |  CEUs:  N/A  |   

This course is available only as an eGuide. Please visit the link here.

    Customers who migrate from WebFOCUS release 7.x to release 8.x will no longer have access to the Report Assistant tool, the Graph Assistant tool, or the Advanced Graph Assistant tool. Those tools have been replaced with InfoAssist.  For migrating customers, InfoAssist Basic — a subset of the fully-functional InfoAssist — will be made available at no charge.  This course will get you up to speed on the new tool at your own pace and is available only on the iPad through the IB University app, or via an eGuide (HTML) through the Information Builders Education website.

    You will learn how to:

    • Create simple reports using the InfoAssist Basic interface
    • Filter data for reports using both predefined filters and creating your own filters
    • Create both numeric and alphanumeric virtual fields
    • Apply numeric operations such as ranking, subtotaling, and averaging
    • Apply user interactivity to reports such as drill down and parameterized selection
    • Combine multiple data sources into a single logical structure
    • Create output in popular formats such as Excel and PDF
    • Produce a simple bar chart


    Who should take this class:

    Customers who use Report Assistant, Graph Assistant or Advanced Graph Assistant and are migrating to WebFOCUS 8.x.


    Prerequisites:No Requirements

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