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Course Description

Getting Started with InfoDiscovery

Course 385  |  CEUs:  0.6  |  1  Day
US $900  Canada $900

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    Stand-alone Version 8.1.04

    WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery is a web-based self-service data discovery tool that empowers users to gain deeper insight from all kinds of data. This course provides a hands-on introduction to the capabilities and functionality of InfoDiscovery, from data connectivity to visualization and storyboarding. During this course, you will assume different roles for a fictional company and create a variety of data visualizations to identify several business anomalies and possible opportunities.

    • Adopt the Explore and Discovery Process to provide insight from your data.
    • Access, prepare, upload and analyze personal data, such as a spreadsheet.
    • Use the interactive data discovery tools to discover trends, answer questions and uncover opportunities hidden in your data.
    • Connect to an existing data source, and create metadata prior to analyzing enterprise data.
    • Explore join and blend for combining tables.
    • Perform common administrative tasks, such as creating new domains, users and adding users to a group.

    Review of the InfoDiscovery documentation and resources available at http://documentation.informationbuilders.com/idis/welcome.html .

    The students should be familiar with the main points covered in the InfoDiscovery Fact Sheet http://www.informationbuilders.com/pdf/factsheets/fs_webfocus_infodiscovery_wf_2014.pdf.

    The students should have briefly accessed the InfoDiscovery Content Library to become aware of the online help available to them http://documentation.informationbuilders.com/idis-content-library/content.html.

    This course is offered as public Instructor Led Online (ILO) training with regularly scheduled sessions. To schedule a private ILO session, please contact your local Information Builders Education Account Executive.

    Who should take this class:

    New InfoDiscovery users from all user roles – Administrators, Authors, and Power Users who want to be successful in managing, configuring and understanding WebFOCUS InfoDiscovery applications should attend this class.



    Additional Knowledge: