Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I secure a seat in public class?

To secure a seat in a public class, Information Builders must receive a completed registration form. There are two ways to register.

By Telephone
In the U.S. and Canada: (800) 969-4636


Where can I find a course schedule?

You can find the most up-to-date listings of all Information Builders' course offerings, class dates and locations, by visiting our website at and select 'Public Class Schedule and Descriptions' on the right-hand side of the web page.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held at Information Builders' regional offices or online, and you can view the class schedule for each location by going to the Instructor Led Training page on Each location page provides the address and telephone number to help you make your travel arrangements. You will also receive directions to the site and information on suggested hotels with your enrollment confirmation. Please do not call the training site to register for class. Only the Information Builders Customer Education group can enroll you in class.

How much is tuition?

Please visit our website at for our most current course offerings and pricing. If you are a IB Partner and have a signed Partnership Agreement with Information Builders, you may be eligible for discounted training. Contact the Information Builders Customer Education group or your IB Channels representative for more information.

How do I pay for class?

Information Builders accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, corporate checks, and debits against a prepaid Education Package (Edpack) for training registrations. Purchase of an Education Package (Edpack) can be arranged through your Education Account Executive. If you do not know who your Education Account Executive is, please call us at (800) 969-4636 or contact us at education_mailbag@ibi.coms

Can you send me a bill for class?

Payment for training must be confirmed in advance of training date.

Can I use a Purchase Order?

Purchase Orders are considered on a case by case basis for Education enrollments. Please call us at (800) 969-4636 or send an email to

Will I receive enrollment confirmation?

Confirmation of enrollment will be sent via email upon receipt of the registration form, fee and verification of payment method. Processing of enrollment may take up to two business days.

What if I have to cancel my enrollment?

We do not impose a penalty fee for cancellation of enrollment or transfer to another course, provided we are notified at least ten (10) business days prior to the start of class. Failure to notify Information Builders of an enrollment cancellation or transfer in writing or by phone within ten (10) business days before the start of the course will result in forfeiture of the full course fee.

If you are cancelling for an ILO course and have already received your training packet, the packet must be mailed back to Information Builders Inc., Two Penn Plaza, Floor 24, New York, N.Y. 10121, Attention: Customer Education or a $50 fee will be charged.

What time do public classes begin?

All public classes begin at 9:30AM local time zone with the exception of the Washington, DC and Chennai, India training facility. Classes begin at 9:00AM local time zone in Washington, DC and they begin at 10AM local time zone in Chennai, India. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly.

What time do public classes end?

All classes officially end at 4:30PM local time zone with the exception of the Washington, DC and Chennai, India training facility. Classes end at 4PM local time zone in Washington, DC. Classes end art 5PM local time zone in Chennai, India. This may vary slightly due to the size of the class, number of questions and the audience's level of comfort with the material.

Do you serve food at your public classes?

No, we do not serve food at our training facility. Please plan accordingly.

Do I get a certificate at the end of class?

Upon successful completion of a course, certificates are distributed. Public class attendees will receive the certificate on the last day of training and certificates will be mailed to the corporate sponsor for classes delivered at the customer site.

ILO class attendees will receive the certificate upon completion of the online survey. Survey link is:

I've been working with Information Builders tools for a while. Can I bypass the prerequisite courses?

We strongly recommend all students complete prerequisite training prior to attending a course. While experience may replace classroom training, the pace of the class will be impacted should students have varying levels of knowledge. If you are unsure please contact your local Education Account Executive for guidance.

Can I buy the student guides that are provided at training classes?

All students receive a student guide as part of the cost of attending the training course. Student guides are not sold separately. You can purchase 90 hours of online access to the eGuide version of the Student Guide.

Do you offer online classes?

Yes! We now offer a comprehensive curriculum of online courses. These web-based, interactive courses are an affordable, easy-to use option for learning more about the Information Builders platform. Learn more about our complete online curriculum by visiting .

Does Information Builders offer a WebFOCUS certification program?

A WebFOCUS 8.1 Core Developer Certification will be available soon. We currently offer a WebFOCUS 7.7 Certification Program. Please visit our Certification webpage at for more detailed information or contact your Education Account Executive.

Can I take the WebFOCUS certification exams without attending classes?

Attending classroom training is always recommended. However should you have extensive experience with WebFOCUS products, you may choose to take the WebFOCUS certification tests without attending formal training.

What If I fail an exam? What is the exam retake policy?

A passing grade for an exam is 75 percent. Grades will be communicated immediately upon exam completion. If you do not pass the test, you may retake the test two additional times for a total of three attempts over a one-year period. There is no wait time to retake the test.

Does Information Builders offer an iWay certification program?

At this time Information Builders does NOT offer an iWay certification program.

Does anyone else teach Information Builders classes?

Only Information Builders trained instructors and authorized training partners are certified to teach our product suite. This ensures that you get quality materials and comprehensive instruction from highly experienced, expertly trained and completely up-to-date instructors.

Is it possible to combine in-person and online students into one class?

We often teach remotely and have developed a methodology that minimizes the risk of technical issues while increasing the effectiveness of the training. Our approach is successful because we do not combine instructor-led online with instructor-led in a classroom when delivering a training class for a number of reasons:
- The instructor cannot easily meet the demands of the remote group as they are concentrating on those in the room.
- The instructor cannot monitor the remote sessions and assist the remote students as they run into issues during the labs and training. Should the instructor attempt to do so, the effort involved would result in downtime for the students in the classroom and would make it nearly impossible to complete the course in the time allotted.
- Since we deliver our training to remote students in a dedicated environment, in addition to the instructor we assign producers to the remote training. These individuals are responsible for supporting the online classroom, the chat room where supplemental technical discussion is hosted, and the lab environment which is separate from the training environment. This allows the instructor to concentrate on delivering the material while someone else manages the 'online classroom', making it possible to cover all material.

Are the files used in the instructor led courses available for use with eGuides?

The eGuides are the full student guide from our instructor led classes in HTML format. They do not provide lab room access or the actual databases, procedures, files, etc.. We do encourage students going through the eGuide to open the products covered in each eGuide and apply the concepts in the eGuide using your data and environment. Should you have more questions regarding your eGuide purchase, please send your questions to

What is On-site Training?

In addition to our publicly-scheduled classes, most of our instructor-led courses can be delivered as an on-site class at your location. On-site training events are designed to meet your needs, while reducing the impact on your business and training budget. To request on-site training contact your local Education Account Executive or call 1-800-969-4636 for further details.

What is included in a standard on-site event?

Typical pricing for an on-site event will include an Information Builders instructor, all courseware and remote access to our training hosting vendor. Travel and expenses for the instructor and shipping of courseware are additional.

What is Self-Study Training?

A few of our introductory classes are offered as self-study. You are given a student guide and a specific number of hours of access to a virtual training environment. The virtual environment is pre-loaded with all of the class files necessary to walk through and complete all the exercises as well as all of the challenge exercises. Self-Study classes are a great alternative if you are limited on travel or wish to complete your training at your own pace or your own time. Learn more about our self-study offerings by visiting

Do I have to take App Studio Training?

Customer Education Classes for App Studio are geared to customers that are new to Information Builders products. Customers that are transitioning from Developer Studio to App Studio will have videos and transition guides available to them through the Download Center.