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Release 8.2.02m

Dynamic Navigation and Visualization Techniques with InfoAssist (Self-Study)

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Course #: 383S8202
Type: Self-Study
Price: US $600  |  Canada $600
This is a self-study course. Click here if you would like to contact us.


    This self-paced course is for experienced InfoAssist users who would like to learn more about techniques to perform more in depth analysis of their data with tools not available in earlier releases of WebFOCUS. Using a virtual environment that is available for 10 hours over 14 days, and in-session course materials, you will work through hands-on instructions, quizzes, and exercises. You will also have a final exercise to test your understanding. A PDF copy of the course manual is included for your reference.

    You will learn how to:
    • Maneuver in the new WebFOCUS Home Page portal introduced in WebFOCUS 8.2.02
    • Create thumbnails
    • Activate and use Auto Drill for metadata that is hierarchy enabled
    • Enable Auto Link and identify procedures as Auto Link targets
    • Specify optional parameterized filters
    • Use multi-drill techniques and create conditional hyperlinks
    • Cache data for ranking and visualization purposes
    • Learn how to create an “all others” category for a chart and a report
    • Use Insight, introduced in WebFOCUS 8.2.02, to manipulate charts at run time
    • Create an active display where multiple charts and data grids are interconnected

    Who should take this class:

    This course is for those who are familiar with InfoAssist wanting to learn more about the many robust features available for analysis and data discovery purposes.


    • Users familiar with InfoAssist who are upgrading from WebFOCUS 7 to WebFOCUS 8
    • Users who have taken at least one of the InfoAssist Essentials courses (Courses 365, 366, 367)
    • Users who have taken at least one the Self-Service Analytics with InfoAssist+ courses (Courses 390, 391) and want a refresher course with additional in-depth material