Developing Responsive Applications with App Studio

Course 523  |  CEUs:  .6  |  1  Day
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Class Schedule
April 6th, 2017New YorkEnroll
April 20th, 2017OnlineEnroll
April 25th, 2017PhiladelphiaEnroll
May 19th, 2017OnlineEnroll
June 1st, 2017OnlineEnroll

    This App Studio course will show you how to build user-based solutions, concentrating on layout, design, and responsive behavior. In this course, you will use App Studio’s HTML Canvas to build context-aware html components that can be viewed on devices of varying screen sizes. In this course, you will discuss design considerations for responsive web applications.


    You will learn how to:

    • Create responsive html documents using App Studio’s responsive design templates
    • Create responsive html document dashboards using App Studio’s report component
    • Convert existing static html document dashboards into responsive html document dashboards
    • Leverage external script libraries in App Studio to create responsive contents
    • Add responsive html documents to the WebFOCUS Portal

    Who should take this class:

    This course is for advanced application developers tasked with creating and maintaining web-based applications using App Studio for a corporate intranet site or the Internet.


    Also available as eGuide

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