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Extended Lab Session is a post Lab environment for 10 hours over 28 days that allows the student access to the course lab and all the work they did in the course. Must be purchased when the course is purchased for an additional $250 (WebFOCUS) & $350 (iWay/Omni-Gen) per student session prior to class.

Course Description

Report Painter (Part 1)

Course 35181  |  CEUs:  1.2  |  2 days
US $1400  Canada $1400

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    Release 8.x

    What does it take to create all the reports you need for your WebFOCUS application? For this course, you will learn how to use an integrated development environment optimized for building and testing Web reporting applications. You will use WebFOCUS to produce reports and graphs destined for deployment as a Web application.

    You will learn how to:

    • Navigate and understand the different components of WebFOCUS Developer Studio
    • Create reports using the Report Painter tool:
      • Add structure to reports through sorting and display techniques
      • Format your report headers, footers, and column headings
      • Employ efficient data selection techniques
      • Create sophisticated virtual columns
      • Join multiple tables as needed
      • Limit report contents with static or parameterized selection criteria
      • Highlight data with conditional styling
      • Establish drill-downs between summary and detail reports
      • Display report output in Excel or PDF format

      Also available as self-paced training

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    Who should take this class:

    Application developers and report developers using WebFOCUS Developer Studio or WebFOCUS Report Developer to create reports and graphs.


    Also available as eGuide

     Report Painter (Part 1) v8.0

    (WebFOCUS 8.x)


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