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Course Description

Building InfoApps Using App Studio

Course 521  |  CEUs:  1.2  |  2 days
US $1700  Canada $1700

Class Schedule
Start Date End Date Start Time Time Zone Location
December 11th, 2018December 12th, 201809:30 AMESTOnlineEnroll
December 18th, 2018December 19th, 201809:30 AMMSTOnlineEnroll
January 14th, 2019January 15th, 201909:30 AMESTOnlineEnroll
January 22nd, 2019January 23rd, 201909:30 AMMSTOnlineEnroll
March 7th, 2019March 8th, 201909:30 AMESTOnlineEnroll

    Release 8.2.01m

    This course will show you how to build a professional user interface for your InfoApps application. Using App Studio’s HTML canvas tool, you will build a cohesive and efficient series of user interfaces for existing reports and charts that range from non-parameterized procedures to heavily parameterized self service procedures.

    You will learn how to:

    • Lay out content and modify their attributes
    • Create a custom template for a consistent look-and-feel
    • Have the web page reference external and embedded procedures
    • Populate controls statically and dynamically when the web page loads
    • Use HTML canvas graphical tools to show and hide objects on the web page
    • Dynamically populate calendar controls and limit their range choices
    • Add your own customizations with CSS and JavaScript

    Who should take this class:

    This course is for application developers who will create and maintain web-based applications using App Studio for a corporate intranet site or the Internet.


    Also available as eGuide



    Reporting Essentials – Parts 1 & 2 v8.x (or equivalent experience).