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Extended Lab Session is a post Lab environment for 10 hours over 28 days that allows the student access to the course lab and all the work they did in the course. Must be purchased when the course is purchased for an additional $250 (WebFOCUS) & $350 (iWay/Omni-Gen) per student session prior to class.

Course Description

Advanced Reporting Application Techniques Using App Studio

Course 522  |  CEUs:  1.2  |  2 days
US $1700  Canada $1700

Class Schedule
February 14th, 2018OnlineEnroll
May 3rd, 2018OnlineEnroll
June 5th, 2018DetroitEnroll
June 21st, 2018OnlineEnroll

    Release 8.1.x

    Expand your App Studio reporting application development skills beyond the basics.  This course will show you how to work with and maintain reporting applications to be run by a user community. It covers a wide range of topics, like controlling data source access, modularizing procedures, and caching data for faster response times.

    You will learn:

    • The relationship between the Client and Reporting Server through App Studio.
    • How to control the way the Reporting Server searches for metadata.
    • The scripting language, Dialogue Manager, to dynamically assemble procedures.
    • Best practices for using Date and Date-Time formatted fields.
    • The new Simplified Date and Date-Time Functions to calculate significant dates.
    • How to improve response time for webpage displays by caching data.
    • Advanced webpage techniques to:
      • Use Dialogue Manager to create webpage control choices.
      • Spawn multiple displays on a webpage with a JavaScript drill down.
      • Handle no data options for reports and charts displayed on a webpage.
    • Work visually with reports and charts while maintaining flexibility.

    Who should take this class:

    Developers who will be working with reporting applications and have taken Reporting Essentials Parts 1 and 2 (Courses 501 and 502) and Building InfoApps Using App Studio's HTML Canvas (Course 521).
    Experienced reporting application developers currently using Developer Studio transitioning to App Studio.


    Also available as eGuide