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This accreditation is designed to test your Omni-Gen Master Data Edition 3.12 applied skills, which you may have developed independently or learned in the Omni-Gen Solutions Basic Training (Course 820I312).

This is a four-hour, online, hands-on technical skills exam. The candidate will take the exam in a fully-configured Omni-Gen Master Data 3.12 environment. An exam document will guide the candidate in completing a hands-on technical challenge and submitting the result for assessment within the four-hour exam period.

The Accreditation tests the candidate’s ability to perform the following:

  • Navigate the Omni Console
  • Define Multiple Source Systems
  • Develop a Data Model
  • Develop a Reference Data Model
  • Generate a Bundle
  • Deploy a Bundle
  • Loading Data
  • Use Omni Governance Console
  • Remediate Tickets

Who Should Take This Accreditation

Solutions Architects, Integrity Engineers, Operations and Integration Users.


Working knowledge and hands-on development with Omni-Gen Master Data Edition or completion of the Omni-Gen Solutions Basic Training (Course 820I312)